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Diesel Maintenance

The Benefits of a Diesel Truck Engine

Diesel fuel additives provides cold and hot weather protection; increase horsepower and improved fuel economy; lubricates and reduces wear of injectors and other critical components; cleans and prevents deposit buildup; reduces smoke and particulate emissions; helps remove water; fights rust and corrosion; and upgrades and stabilizes fuel, among other benefits.

The first function of a diesel fuel additive is to maintain injector cleanliness. A clean injector will spray a perfect “fox tail” pattern mist of diesel fuel allowing for efficient combustion. Dirty injectors produce a fuel spray that is not a uniformly fine mist which will affect fuel mileage, power output, and idle quality, among other things. Second is to prevent gelling in cold weather. Without the proper additive diesel engines just won’t start when the temperature gets below a certain point. Other benefits include addressing other diesel fuel issues such as low fuel filterability, microorganism infestation, insufficient detergency, water contamination, and protecting the characteristics of diesel fuel when stored for long periods of time.

The best diesel fuel additives include a cetane booster, which boosts power and provides many other performance benefits. It is recommended that a cetane booster additive be used as a form of insurance. Gibson Truck World uses Cetane Booster & Performance Improver in all of our 6.0L PowerStroke Diesel engines!

High performance diesel engines are built for maximum precision and are equipped with sophisticated diesel fuel injection systems for more efficient delivery of fuel to the combustion chamber. To further improve the efficiency of fuel delivery, diesel fuel additives have played a huge part by controlling the temperature and speed at which fuel burns so that more energy is produced. This, along with increases in power, acceleration and torque, as well as a significant reduction in the wear and tear in the engine are what makes these diesel fuel additives an excellent investment. If you want to save money while helping the environment, using High Performance Diesel in conjunction with diesel fuel additives is the best way to go. Prolong your engine life and get even more savings because of the increased efficiency in the use of diesel fuel will definitely prove to be a smart choice in the long run!